Pluto by Äthe: (Album: Stars) Music Stream

7. Äthe Pluto IBEATLE DANCE 00:03:40 DEAR41848578

Äthe looks to the stars. Late night after a fancy dance party in a club. Sitting in a car and waiting for the rising moon over the sleepy city. Do you hear the everlasting sound of electronic? Beats and chords melted to a pumping rhythm and a musical trap floated over the ground, Anybody out there stepped in something. Of course Pop is always there but Chillout and the psy factor searches a hungry brain. At once there is a shiny star at the galaxy visible. This must be the planet where Äthe resides. Besides the mars, jupiter, saturn, earth and other candidates at the firmament wait to be seized by a sophisticated monkey. Is this future the discovery of human music my friend?