Dance to the may with human music actually

2021. human music is the name of the recently released music album by Volker von Mozart. Dedicated to the lifestyle of human beings this sounds may cause a very good reflection of all today.

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Volker von Mozart presents impressive works by well-known composers from the classical music genre. On this album, dedicated to the year 2021, as a prophecy of a new awareness of music. People are at the center of expectations and are challenged. Interested in these styles? Then listen now and hear the latest futurisitic pieces of famous composers.

Human music

First in May causes a new opportunity in thinking forward

What´s wrong with the old way? Nothing, but if you remember that there are a few problems depending to the whole mankind it is a good thing of making it now possible. Hey and if you decide to take part then remind of your good will. But first of all hear the new sounds and chill to the idea.

Learn to be part of the future. It´s time to think of a global society having all problems at all together. Therfor it is a big success if we hold together to fight any ridiculous virus. Spend your time in throwing it back….