Jade – A silent song by Äthe

Jade is the name of a chillout tune by artist Äthe from germany. Recently this track was released on the album caption: Bernstein. This instrumental atmosphere is recognized by the audience as a unique sound impression. The convulasion beat marks the recording and sets the melody free. This feeling is outstanding. Listen now to Jade […]

bernstein von äthe

Äthe – Bernstein [Chillout] Album release 2019

Äthe has released Bernstein Amber is a musical gem. Recently ‚Äthe has launched his new music album named: Bernstein. Several pieces of chillout sound are provided on this cycle. Hear the new soundcloud by Äthe now! Amber is a musical gem. Shiny chill-out dreams are conveyed by Äthe with his album of new electronic sounds. […]